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This fortune was estimated in various publications to be from $70 billion to $100 billion and quickly gave rise to a cottage industry in which fortune hunters struck deals with representatives of Libyas National Transitional Council to locate missing assets in return for 10 percent of the take. Not all these efforts were in vain. In London, a 10 million ($17 million) townhouse belonging to Qaddafis son Saadi was shown to have been purchased with diverted Libyan state funds through a company called Capitana Seas and deemed to be the property of the Libyan state.

He survived in part through a combination of intuition and serendipity. When an acquaintance at a party came to him with an opportunity to invest in real estate in Las Vegas and Phoenix, he became suspicious of the housing market and shorted his shares in Lehman Brothers and Wachovia, two major housing lenders. Lehman Brothers collapsed a few months later. Mr. Boyopati was also savvy enough to hedge his bets.

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Bitcoin risks, the CFPB said, include hackers who steal users private keys the password to your digital walletusing viruses and other malware. Unlike banks or credit unions, in which deposits are protected by federal agencies in case of failure, bitcoin isnt insured by any government agency. If you lose your bitcoin stash, then you are own your own, the CFPB warns, and there is no other party to help you. Some digital wallet companies promise reimbursements for fraudulent transactions, but if theres a widespread fraud event, it would probably be hard for most of these firms to come through on that promise. So whats a bitcoin user to do? Read your agreement with your wallet provider carefully, the report states. Really, read your agreement with your wallet provider carefully. The report also tries to clarify b itcoin ATMs , which the CFPB points out dont actually spew out bitcoin. Rather, the ATMs allow you to insert cash to be transferred into bitcoin to be moved into your digital wallet.

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This could be compared to email versus standard mail. Bitcoin is the same idea — send money as fast, cheap and easily as sending an email. To realize that vision, two things need to happen: infrastructure needs to be built and a critical mass of people need to have bitcoin. Related Link: Signs A Bitcoin Tidal Wave Is Forming To Disrupt Business The Coming Explosion Bitcoin is very easy for companies to integrate. Dell and Overstock both implemented bitcoin payments one week after making the decision to go bitcoin.

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He also advises banks to invest in startups, acquire and hire entrepreneurs or hire talent from technology companies. The leading example when it comes to preparing for the rise of digital payments is Visa. Visa CEO Charles W. Scharf stated that the leading payment network is counting on new digital services to power future growth , although Visa presented an 11 percent rise in third-quarter earnings from global payments. One of these initiatives is the creation of Visa Digital Solutions with a wide array of offerings. This includes the launch of Visa Checkout, the successor to V.me, Visa Cloud Payment Solutions and, more exciting, the tokenization service that substitutes traditional credit card numbers with a digital token. Visa also opens up for collaboration with developers and technology companies with these new services.