They can also pay for top financial advice and usually have enough resources to create a diverse portfolio, another protection against sharp pullbacks. Read More Jeremy Siegel: ‘The bull market is definitely not over’ Vijay Boyopati, a former Google employee who is now an entrepreneur in Seattle, weathered the last stock plunge well. He survived in part through a combination of intuition and serendipity. When an acquaintance at a party came to him with an opportunity to invest in real estate in Las Vegas and Phoenix, he became suspicious of the housing market and shorted his shares in Lehman Brothers and Wachovia, two major housing lenders. Lehman Brothers collapsed a few months later.

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Based in Berlin, Bitbond offers an alternative source of finance for small businesses and individuals who struggle to raise funds via traditional means. It plans to use the capital investment to build a team of programmers, improve its platform functionality and intensify its marketing activities. Commenting on their successful funding round, CEO and co-founder Radoslav Albrecht said this was a sign of growing interest from VCs in the cryptocurrency. He said: There are typically waves of businesses that VCs invest in; for example, weve had search engines, social networks, then mobile apps, and now the latest wave, which is bitcoin.

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Better Technology Things move fast in the technology space There are already hundreds of bitcoin competitors. Bitcoin does have a huge lead right now, as venture capital money, brand recognition and entrepreneurship have given bitcoin what seems to be an insurmountable edge. However think about AOL, Netscape, BlackBerry and MySpace — all these companies dominated their space and then quickly ceded their dominance. The same risk exists for bitcoin. If a better digital currency was created and bitcoin couldn’t compete, there is the possibility that a newcomer could overtake bitcoins lead. Related Link: Why Bitcoin’s Growth Should Explode Technical Risk There also exists the possibility that technical reasons will hinder bitcoin. This risk, however, seems the most unlikely.