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Bitcoins founder liked his work, and soon made his proteges e-mail address the only one on the projects homepage. Andresen formally stepped forward in a December 2010 post on the Bitcoin forum . With Satoshis blessing, and with great reluctance, Im going to start doing more active project management for Bitcoin, he wrote.

There are no implementation fees, no approvals are required and the required technical skill is relatively low. When useful services roll out, bitcoin adoption should soar because it costs nothing for users to engage and close to nothing for platforms to become part of the ecosystem. But when will this happen? Useful services are currently being tested: remittances, tipping and notary services. As soon as one of those services (or something like them) becomes a best-in-class solution, bitcoin growth should explode to dominate that market.

Wall Street: Whose bull market is it?

I invest because it is the only way to get a return on my money.” His sentiments contrast sharply with the climate in the go-go ’90s. Back then, the financial press was busy explaining the relatively new world of 401(k) accounts. Little investors were teaming up with Wall Street firms to create portfolios that in theory would underwrite their retirement on a Caribbean island or mountain retreat and soon. Others cashed in on surging dot-com stocks on their own. Today, the news is more likely to be allegations of how international banks rigged interest rates in the Libor scandal.