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For Gunara, it was important to develop something more efficient. We just took a bottom-up approach, he wrote. There is a need, a basic tirai jendela minimalis one, and it can simply (be) solved by a very low-level exo[skeleton], which doesnt even give you extra strength when you get the augmented strength you also get muscle weakness with time. A 2009 report from Swiss researchers on musculoskeletal disorders injuries and degenerative diseases that cause pain in ligaments, joints, nerves, tendons, and muscles looked at the great losses in financial gains and productivity that companies incur from worker injuries related to poor seating positions.

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In Switzerland, the birthplace of the chairless chair, occupation-related musculoskeletal disorders cost more than an estimated $4 billion in lost productivity. Noonees site–your primary portal for the Chairolution–makes an ergonomics argument for the chairless chair reducing fatigue and decreasing turnover. But there are also a ton of other detrimental factory and warehouse conditions over which chairless chairs for your legs and butt have little control. Like the 10.5-hour shifts spent racing around e-commerce warehouses and packaging dildos for Christmas .

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It’s called the Chairless Chair and you wear it on your legs like an exoskeleton: when it’s not activated, you can walk normally or even run. And then, at the touch of a button, it locks into place and you can sit down on it. Like a chair that is now there. “The idea came from wanting to sit anywhere and everywhere, and from working in a UK packaging factory when I was 17”, says Keith Gunura, the 29-year old CEO and co-founder of noonee, the Zurich-based startup behind the device, “standing for hours on end causes a lot of distress to lower limbs, but most workers get very few breaks and chairs are rarely provided, because they take up too much space. So I thought that the best idea was to strap an unobtrusive chair directly to myself”. The device never touches the ground, which makes it easier to wear: a belt secures it to the hips and it has straps that wrap around the thighs.