That’s according to the designers of the chairless chair, a half-stand, half-sit piece of furniture that will make life less terrible for workers who carry out long shifts on their feet. By taking weight off the joints and lower back, Swiss industrial design house Noonee contends that the chairless chair will decrease fatigue and increase productivity. Its true that standing or clomping around all day on hard warehouse floors can cause real stress on the body. Its also linked to low back pain , which costs the U.S.

The chair is a simple device that straps to a belt attached to users waists and stretches down the back of their legs, ultimately attaching to the heels of their shoes. This effectively supports a persons bodyweight. The device relieves joint and muscle stress that can pose serious health risks, particularly for people like factory workers who spend hours on end standing with poor and potentially debilitating posture. ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT Inspiration for the device first came to Noonee CEO Keith Gunura from his time working at a factory in the U.K. when he was only 17, where he would stand for his 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. shift. I personally experienced the discomfort of such working environments and so did my team member who was invited to work in a factory just to get an idea of how we could use our CC (Chairless Chair), Gunura wrote in an email to I mean standing at a concert for 3hrs is already bad. A factory job like gorden cantik minimalis satu set sprei Gunuras that does not require chairs often means a worker will be standing for long periods of time in unhealthy posture, which can lead to joint and muscle pain.