great site For Gunara, it was important to develop something more efficient. We just took a bottom-up approach, he wrote. There is a need, a basic one, and it can simply (be) solved by a very low-level exo[skeleton], which doesnt even give you extra strength when you get the augmented strength you also get muscle weakness with time. A 2009 report from Swiss researchers on musculoskeletal disorders injuries and degenerative diseases that cause pain in ligaments, joints, nerves, tendons, and muscles looked at the great losses in financial gains and productivity that companies incur from worker injuries related to poor seating positions. With their new device, Gunura and his team at Noonee see an easy fix to a big problem.

Or wait, maybe its standing. Yes, standing can be unhealthy, too. That’s according to the designers of the chairless chair, a half-stand, half-sit piece of furniture that will make life less terrible for workers tirai jendela minimalis who carry out long shifts on their feet.